Céad míle fáilte- “a hundred thousand welcomes”

The countdown begins… In 3 days time, my Momma-san and I will be in Europe. <—-God I love the sound of that. . . Music to my ears. . . I would play it on repeat if I could, because that’s how fantastic it sounds. The words fleet off my tongue like a dance, my Momma-san and I will be in Europe, the almost start of an Adventure of a lifetime, 2 del Rios in Ireland (and 1 day in London/UK), and what an adventure it will be. To give you a little perspective on how this trip came about, I will have to give some back-story on my momma, Leticia del Rio.  Mi mamá is one of the hardest working women I know, and always has been. As hard as she works, she has always put her family before herself, therefore, she hasn’t travelled the world. . . (YET) But with a little nudge from her traveling-wandering-impulsive-gypsy of a daughter, she agreed to put herself first this year with this Mother Daughter trip. She picked the destination Country and left the rest of the planning to me. Dozens of hours and late nights scouring the internet, AND days reading Lonely Planet’s: Discover Ireland book cover to cover (it’s a good thing I pride myself in my Abroad planning skills), have gifted me with the knowledge to map out an incredible 10 days in Ireland (including a quickie trip to Northern Ireland) and a quickie day in London, England to round off the trip. If I have time to drink a Spot ‘o Tea with mummy, and check out Big Ben, the London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace, I’d say my fancy would be pretty tickled.  As for our more extensive Irish tour, I am ecstatic to report that we will be driving throughout the country ourselves. I am not as ecstatic, however, to report that we will have to master both Driving on the Left side of the road and steering from the Right side of the car (Stay Tuned for pictures and anecdotes of the struggle). This is terrifying, but I’d say we are up for the challenge Europe. EUROPE, you have to be different don’t you? You can’t be the same, because then where’s the fun in that? Why would we fly 10+ hours to reach your continent in tiny uncomfortable seats, and eat funny airplane food that’s never yummy, tolerable at best, (yes I fly COACH/ECONOMY, always have) and possibly freeze in this jolly winter month of January, where the freezing-cold weather is written in °C?? (Stay Tuned for pictures and anecdotes of the COLD struggle)  We are stepping completely out of our comfort zones for these next 12-13 days, and we are delighted to do it. Part of the fun of travel is experiencing the New, doing different things, and learning, always learning. WE CANNOT WAIT! 

Céad míle fáilte – “a hundred thousand welcomes” in Gaelic, will hopefully ring true for us. I truly have no doubts.

QUICK TIP TO REMEMBER (provided in the Lonely Planet: Discover Ireland Book): Do not under any circumstances ask the Irish if they believe in Leprechauns.  Bajo ninguna circunstancia le pregunte a un irlandés si cree en los duendes sharpe-odea-darby Many hours of preparation and planning have brought me to this point, where I do believe we are Ready for Ireland!!  Below are my essentials, all packed by now & ready for take-off.DSCF4416blog polaroid Check back and see all of our adventures and mischiefs in the next few weeks, And don’t you worry, we will definitely have a Drink For You (or maybe 2-3)!

A great source for ALL THINGS IRELAND: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/ireland/places

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