Cómo se LLAMA?? Cómo te LLAMAS??

Since this is my first post on this new Travel/World/Mundo Blog, I thought it would be appropriate for introductions. I am feeling playful today, so I am going to both introduce myself and introduce you to the LLAMAS of Perú, as seen up close on my first trip to South America last year. Me llamo Ariana del Río. Tengo 27 años. Soy de Los Angeles, California (simple spanish or simple phrases in other languages I am learning will be incorporated in my blog posts so as to get those brain waves moving. It may surprise you how easy it is to read/understand a foreign language simply through the context).  Cómo se LLAMA??      . . . Still with me? I’m Ariana, I’m 27 and I am from Los Angeles, CA.  I am a lover of the World. I am curious to a fault. If I could do anything right now, it would be to jump on a plane and see something New and Exciting, and have an ADVENTURE. I work as a freelancer currently, so when I am not working on a project, I use all the Dinero I have saved and book a trip. Last year, through happenstance, a friend invited me and a mutual friend to Perú. My internal dialogue went a little something like this:

  1. Open invitation to a place I have never been: CHECK!
  2. Machu Picchu is there RIGHT? yes it is. CHECK CHECK!!
  3. LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Girl’s Trip! Magical!
  5. Tengo que comprar mi boleto!!!

… and not even two weeks later, I had purchased my ticket for a trip in March. Impulsive at times, mostly if there is Travel on the line, I could not have been more right to listen to my gut this time (which was screaming PERU! PERU!). 11 days of bliss in Perú will forever be with me, and I will get to tell my grandkids someday that I visited the ancient Incan Ruins and wonders of Cusco and Machu Picchu. I even admired, studied, and at times stalked the LLAMAS. I wanted to capture them in all of their glory after all.

For fun, and for the sake of knowledge, you can use the phrase “Cómo te LLAMAS?” in any spanish speaking country to ask someone “What’s your name?” Important Pronunciation Note: The LL is pronounced like a Y. Please remember this, as you will be speaking español. I hope you remember me and this blog when you do.



Llama Collage qualityPHOTOS TAKEN MARCH 2014 –  ARIANA DEL RIO

Please click the LLAMAS to see LARGER IMAGE!

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